By investing in $MON, you invest in a project with a working product, transparent tokenomics, and one of the most secure contracts on the BSC network.
TOTAL SUPPLY β€” 300.000.000 MON 1. Token sale β€” 132.000.000 (44%):
  • Private sale 1st round β€” 19.800.000 (6.6%; vesting for 6m)
  • Private sale 2nd round β€” 9.900.000 (3.3%)
  • Dxsale β€” 59.400.000 (19.8%)
  • PCS Pool β€” 42.900.000 (14.3%)
2. Development & Reserve β€” 52.500.000 (17.5%; vesting for 13m) 3. Reserve for P2E game β€” 82.500.000 (27.5%; vesting for 13m) 4. V1 Airdrop β€” 6.600.000 (2.2%; vesting for 7m) 5. Liquidity for listings β€” 26.400.000 (8.8%; vesting for 13m)
The tokenomics of the project is arranged in a way that most of the tokens are locked and/or under vesting. The total supply is 300.000.000 $MON tokens. Development tokens, as well as tokens to provide liquidity for the P2E game, account for 45% of the issue and are under vesting for 13 months.
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