Multi-Blockchain Marketplace

Mint, discover and trade unique blockchain assets
  • Multi-blockchain In the near future, our marketplace will be deployed on BSC, Eth, Matic, Avalanche, Moonriver, and Huobi ECO. The PocMon ecosystem applications will be simultaneously available on all popular blockchains supporting the creation of solidity smart contracts. Besides, the PocMon infrastructure will include bridges in order to move NFT assets between blockchains. The PocMon marketplace was originally designed to work on several blockchains, so the expansion to new chains will be fast and won't require too much of resources.
  • Non-blockchain gaming assets tokenization The PocMon platform is going to provide a game assets tokenization infrastructure for all possible online games and digital goods that are outside blockchain. We're developing the necessary infrastructure, API, and detailed documentation to make the process of integration with PocMon as simple as possible.
  • NFTs PocMon NFTs are real NFTs. They are stored decentralized in ipfs and are owned by their true owners only. Only NFT owner can burn it or perform any action with it. Our marketplace allows users to create NFTs (721 and 1155 standard) that are compatible with other decentralized applications and marketplaces. For example, NFTs that are created on the PocMon marketplace are compatible with Users can create art, video, photos, cards, memes, or any other type of NFT and either place them on the PocMon Marketplace for a fixed price or put it up for auction to let the demand determine the price.
  • Auctions Every user can either sell NFTs via issuing an auction or buy NFTs via participating in those auctions.
  • Buyback feature There is a $MON buyback function being developed for the PocMon marketplace. This means, a fee will be charged from each NFT sale, and at the expense of this fee $MON tokens will be bought to further be sent to burned wallet. Since the Team does not plan to issue $MON tokens on other blockchains, all funds from other blockchains intended for buyback will be transferred to BSC blockchain first and then used for buyback. Thus, there will be multi-blockchain buyback implemented in the PocMon marketplace.