Play or create 100% honest Lootboxes on blockchain
The Lootballs platform is a crucial part of the PocMon Ecosystem. Lootballs differ from ordinary gaming loot boxes for two reasons. Firstly, Lootballs work on smart contracts, which guarantees a 100% fair and transparent raffle. Secondly, any user can create a Lootball by placing tokens or NFT in it and choosing the probability of each item to fall.PocMon users can open an existing LootBall or create any of the three available types on their own for selling. The probability of winning each of the items from a particular LootBall is to be set by the LootBall's issuer himself. The rarity of each of the items from the LootBall is also set by the issuer.
  • NFT Art Lootballs will include art collections of many artists allowing participants to win a rare artwork at a set price
  • NFT Game Lootballs allow to win NFT Game cards of the PocMon Card Game and our partners’ games
  • Coin Lootballs include a combination of Binance coins and all tokens running on BSС
LootBalls are to play a crucial role in Platform promotion, partnerships, and monetisation. P2E games will be able to use lootballs in order to carry out NFT drops. In the future, the ability to tokenize the non-blockchain assets (for example, those from Steam commulity market) will allow using Lootballs instead of closed source lootboxes for game assets raffles. Use case 1. Gambling You can create a Lootball and put $100 worth of bep20 tokens into it, and set a 10% chance of this prize to drop with the price of one opening attempt equal to $12. This way, users will buy Lootballs and pay $12 for every try until they win $100. Use case 2. P2E NFT distribution P2E blockchain games developers can mint their NFT assets on PocMon marketplace and create Lootballs with these items. The rarest NTFs will have a small possibility to drop, while more common items will have a higher drop rate. Use case 3. Earnings on valuable NFT use case Let's say Alice owns a valuable cryptopunks NFT, and she does not want to sell it but wants to make money on it. Alice creates a Lootball with this NFT, sets the probability of this NFT to drop equal to 5%, and assigns a cost of $500 for an attempt to open the Lootball. Users see this new Lootball and try to open it 3 times in one hour, but no one succeeds. Thus, Alice earned $1,500 ($500x3) and after she received these funds she could deactivate her Lootball and return the cryptopunks NFT to her wallet.