How to transfer 1155 NFT

For now, the transfer of NFTs of 1155* standard can be carried out via interaction with bscan only. In the near future, tools for NFT transfer will become available within the interface of the PocMon marketplace. You can transfer NFTs once you minted them on the PocMon Marketplace. You can read our guide on how to mint NFTs here.
Here's how you can transfer your 1155 NFT to another wallet:
Step 1. Go to and type in the NFT address. To find the NFT address, open your NFT on the PocMon marketplace and copy the combination of symbols in your browser's address bar at the top of the page (See Pic 1). Then just paste it to the bscscan search bar. The NFT id is the number after the NFT address (after slash) at the end of the url.
Step 2. After entering your NFT's address to the search bar, choose the "Contract tab", then click the "Write Proxy" tab, and connect your wallet by clicking "Connect to Web 3" button in the bscscan interface.
Step 3. Scroll down, find "21. safeTransferFrom" and fill in the address of the sender, the address recipient, the NFT id (see Step 1), and the amount of items you'd like to send.
Done! Your NFT has been transferred to a different wallet and can be seen in its profile in the "owned" tab on the PocMon marketplace.
*NFTs 1155 allow to sell one collectible multiple times, the amount of items available for sell is determined by the original creator during the minting process.