PocMon Games

Play and earn with two PocMon p2e games
PocMon p2e mini-game
The PocMon team is working on a P2E game that will allow PocMon holders to farm in-game assets in the PocMon universe, collect pocmons and fight other users' pocmons. The game will be available on the web and on mobile devices. The economy of the game will be based on $MON and $GEM tokens. 20% of all in-game assets will be sold for $GEM token only. In order to start playing, a user needs to own an NFT of a gaming pocmon, as well as have some $MON tokens on their wallet. Those $MON tokens that users spend inside the game to buy in-game assets will be automatically burned, making the game deflationary*. * The game will in no way have a negative impact on the price of the $MON token. The economy of the game will be built around reducing the $MON supply by burning tokens. It will not be possible to earn more tokens than the amount that has already been burned.
PocMon Universe game (p2e)
A sandbox game in which users need to travel the blockchain in search of pocmons. Players will be able to buy lands where new pocmons will appear from time to time. The rules of the game will be determined by the players themselves by voting. A professional game studio will be involved in the development of this game. The release of the beta game is scheduled for 2022 Q2