Marketplace BETA

At the moment, the PocMon marketplace is at the stage of BETA Testing. The currently active functions are minting NFTs and viewing NFTs that are on your wallet. For now, users only see those NFTs minted on our marketplace. Users can transfer NTFs of 721 standard to other wallets via metamask mobile. The transfer of NFTs of 1155 standard can be carried out via interaction with bscan. In the near future, tools for NFT transfer will become available in the interface of PocMon marketplace.
The marketplace supports mobile devices, as well as over 20 cryptocurrency wallets, including Trustwallet and Metamask.
PocMon provides all the necessary APIs for parsing the content of the marketplace. We are ready to take a step forward to the aggregators of NFT marketplaces and adjust the API for other dapps. If you want to know more about the API, reach us at [email protected]
At the moment, the infrastructure of the PoсMon marketplace is based on eight contracts in the bsc network:
0x12e32f61ca55277d906a061749146b192820f8e5 | Community
0xb48ff0eb1fb4e2a31514bb2bc2d26a9b4e7649cb | Art
0x2df05ff04afc49168c7dc49cc48302556262281f | Friends
0xc2a2ac9a34597004a6e45cf900272d269ee6984e | Pocmon Original
0xf4b889790c558c55bf62b097903420a862df0c27 | Art 1155
0xcfadf43c84dd8950f0db755929bf1e0f6645b82e | Pocmon Original 1155
0x2409ad2e79927bfa2b44256a8bb6d3f3f8ecb767 | Friends 115
0x4aed8361c6e410c958175108390f1cf5a1274a9e | Community 1155
PocMon NFTs are real NFTs. They are stored decentralized in ipfs and are owned by their true owners only. Only NFT owner can burn it or perform any action with it. Also, all NFTs ever created on the PocMon marketplace are compatible with other marketplaces and Dapps that use ipfs as NFT storage (for example, We at PocMon are for decentralization and true DeFi.
There is a $MON buyback function being developed for the PocMon marketplace. This means, a fee will be charged from each NFT sale, and at the expense of this fee $MON tokens will be bought to further be sent to burned wallet. Since the Team does not plan to issue $MON tokens on other blockchains, all funds from other blockchains intended for buyback will be transferred to BSC blockchain first and then used for buyback. Thus, there will be multi-blockchain buyback implemented in the PocMon marketplace.