How to mint NFT

First, you need to connect your wallet to the PocMon Marketplace:
1. Go to
2. Click "Connect wallet" on the upper-right corner
3. Choose the type of wallet you'd like to use with the PocMon ecosystem and sign in
How to mint your first NFT on PocMon marketplace:
Step 1. Click the pink "Upload" button on the upper-right corner:
Step 2. Choose the type of NFT you'd like to mint.
  • "Create Single" will bring you to the interface for creating NFTs of 721 standard. Click "Create Single" if you'd like to create a one of its kind NFT.
  • "Create Multiple" will send you to the 1155 minting station. If you'd like to create and sell one collectible multiple times, click "Create Multiple". In the example below, we're creating an NFT of 1155 standard.
Step 3. Upload your future NFT in one of the suitable formats. We support multiple formats, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, and MP3. The max size of the file is 1Gb.
Step 4. Fill in the necessary information about your NFT. This could be something a buyer would like to know or a story behind the item. Here, you can write anything you find important for potential buyers to know. If you chose "Create Multiple" in the Step 2, there will be a field "Amount", where you should type in the amount of items you'd like to mint.
Step 5. Choose the "Community" collection and click the "Create Item" button.
That's it! Enjoy your fresh-minted NFT!
That's it! Enjoy your fresh-minted NFT!