Contract structure and $GEM token

The total fee is 10%. As the project develops, the total fee will decrease and gradually become 0%.
The PocMon contract includes 3 types of fees.
  • Fee for redistribution — 1%. $MON token holders will receive reflection in $MON tokens.
  • Fee for generating LP tokens — 3%. Half is sold for BNB and paired up with another half, thus becoming a liquidity pair on Pancakeswap.
  • Fee for $GEM* mining — 6%. Every time someone buys $MON tokens, the complimentary $GEM tokens are minted and sent to the buyer's wallet in proportion to the amount of BNB they spent on the trade.
*The $GEM* token was created to incentivize users to purchase $MON tokens. 20% of all released in-game assets, as well as 20% of all NFT avatars, will be sold for $GEM tokens. Besides, holders of $GEM will regularly receive drops of exclusive NFTs. The project team does not have the ability to mine $GEM tokens on their own. The only way to create a $GEM token is to buy $MON tokens on Pancakeswap. Over time, the mining of $GEM tokens will decrease and users will receive less and less $GEM tokens in relation to the amount of $BNB spent on buying $MON. Despite the fact that someday $GEM mining will stop completely, $GEM will always be present in the Ecosystem. Early adopters of the project have the opportunity to mine a large number of $GEM tokens at the start, and, after waiting for the main products launches, get exclusive items.